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Hi, I'm Emily

Fitness, Life & Wellness Coach

I'm a passionate coach and am100% committed to my clients' progress. For each individual that I design a plan for, I consider all aspects of their lifestyle including their stress levels, sleep quality, nutrition and daily commitments in order to ensure they build healthy, sustainable habits. My mission is to empower and enable my clients to live healthier and more confident lives and achieve their fitness goals. 


I have over 8 years' experience in the health and fitness industry and have managed multiple gyms, taught a variety of group fitness classes and run a successful Personal Training business. I practice what I preach and always set myself new goals to strive for. Most recently, I placed 1st and 2nd in my Bikini divisions at the New Zealand IFBB Natural Championships (Bodybuilding).

Wellness Coaching 

I help my clients break through the obstacles that are holding them back from achieving their health and fitness goals. I take a holistic approach and address issues that may be creating a 'road block' in a client's fitness journey such as stress, anxiety, time-management or a lack of self confidence. I give my clients the tools and strategies to overcome these barriers to form healthy lifestyle habits that are long lasting.


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Online Fitness Coaching

Specialising in weight loss and women's toning, I design personalised workout plans that are tailored to your fitness goals and are accessible through the Ignited Coaching App. Once logged in, you can view videos of all your prescribed exercises, keep a log of your training and nutrition and communicate with me when you need to, from wherever you are in the world.

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Emily is truly fantastic at what she does.. She is very knowledgeable about range of fitness specialities and will work with you to help you achieve your goals. She is very supportive and can help with both exercise and diet. She gives great advice, is really encouraging and I would 10/10 recommend. 


Emily is such a star to work with! She not only helps you get fit and reach your goals; she teaches you how to be healthy and make exercise a fun part of your life. Emily works at your pace and tailors each workout to  the individual... Highly recomment Emily, shes so easy and wonderful to work with. 


OMG I had the most proudest moment just then. I tried on a size 32 jeans which I couldn't do the main button on before I started training with you... And now they fit with room to spare! Thanks so much Emily.