6 Week Fitness & Wellness Package

Designed to kickstart your fitness and help you to form long lasting         habits, the 6 Week Fitness and Wellness Package includes:


  • A weekly phone or video call to discuss your lifestyle, habits and progress. 

  • A 6 week Ignited Fitness Coaching Membership ($150 value) and access to the Ignited Coaching App with all it's benefits!

  • A 6 week personalised fitness plan that's tailored to your needs and goals.

  • A 6 week healthy eating food plan that's designed for weight loss and to install healthy, long-term habits.​

  • 'My little tricks' information sheet - to make eating well less boring! ​

  • The option to continue after the 6 weeks with a renewed fitness plan and Ignited Coaching membership for just $25 per week.​

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Does the thought of being a beginner at the gym make you anxious?

Do you find it hard to maintain a fitness routine or do you pay for a gym membership that you never use?

Do you feel overwhelmed by contradictory nutritional advice in social media and are you unsure what you should or shouldn't eat?

Are you a yo-yo dieter, restricting your calories one week and then falling off the wagon the next?

Or, would you love to live a fitter lifestyle but your current circumstances (kids, work, relationships, etc) are holding you back?


It's all very well joining a gym or starting a new fitness plan but if you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, then there is a barrier at play that will likely hinder your fitness progress, make you give up altogether or worse, not even begin. 


As a trained Life Coach and as your Wellness Coach, I will not just hand you a fitness plan and send you on your way. Instead, we will talk and I will listen to you freely and without judgement, in order to get to the bottom of the issue or circumstance that is holding you back. Together, we will set a plan to help you overcome this obstacle so that you are more likely to stick to your fitness plan and benefit from long term results. 


 A Personal Trainer focuses on fitness programming while a Wellness Coach looks at the bigger picture of a client's well-being by taking their nutrition, stress levels, lifestyle, habits and beliefs into account. By combining these two services, ultimately I help my clients to feel empowered, confident and motivated to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Purchase Your 6 Week Package for just $259

Nutrition Plans

Abs are made in the kitchen! Take the guess work out of your diet and ensure you're consuming the right foods and the right amount of calories. 


I will design you a food plan to support your fitness programme and your goals. For best results, it is recommended that you combine your Nutrition Plan with an Ignited Coaching Fitness Programme or a Wellness Package (above). 


Purchase your initial, personalised plan for 99 NZD. Updated plans are just 40 NZD for non-members and are FREE for members*  

*Free plans will be revised once every 4 weeks unless agreed otherwise or if the coach considers it necessary. Free updates include small changes to calories only and are for the best interest of the client's goals. Complete rewrites of plans will be charged at 40 NZD. Please note that the above plan does not substitute advice from a medical practitioner or dietitian. Emily is a qualified as a Nutritional Adviser.